As the days get HOT, so do our DEALS and EVENTS!

The days are getting hotter, and our deals are bringing their own heat! Hurry in now to take advantage of our steaming hot deals on VR sessions for a limited time.

60 minutes  – $40 $33
30 minutes  – $20 $18

And introducing by popular demand, our new VR sampler package.

Our VR sampler package includes 15 minutes of playtime in a carefully curated selection of our most popular games for only $12.
A perfect option for those new to Virtual Reality gaming, or those with only a few minutes to spare.

Our Beat Saber tournament on August 2nd was a huge success!

Competition was so fierce and close that we had to count the scores 4 times just to be positive we had the correct outcome.

Congratulations to our winners!
Taking top place was Andrew  with a final score of 1,049,741
Taking a very close second place was Mason with a final score of 1,046,521
And taking a close still third place was Daunte with a final score of 1,006,435

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us!

We are always taking suggestions! If you have an idea for an event send us a message on Facebook, or send us an email at

Experience VR Gaming at its best in St. Francis, MN.

Get immersed in a virtual reality video gaming world. With a variety of video games, players can explore our solar system, shoot zombies, paint and sculpt in a 3D Studio, defend the castle with a long bow and arrow, fight in a boxing ring, defend your space ship in a visually stunning 3D environment, defend yourself as a teddy bear against evil doll creatures that attack you… the experiences are endless!

Virtual Reality Arcade

Play with friends or explore on your own

With 4 VR gaming stations available, you can explore the virtual experiences with your friends, go online and play with others around the world, or take on your battles on your own.

Cutting Edge Technology

Utilizing the power of the HTC Vive, a variety of changing games powered by Steam, and the latest pc computer hardware, our systems deliver the best performance possible for the best video games available in VR.

Open Gaming Hours

Sun: 12pm – 7pm
Mon: 3pm – 8pm
Tue: 3pm – 8pm
Wed: 3pm – 8pm
Thu: 3pm – 8pm
Fri: 3pm – 8pm
Sat: 12pm – 8pm

***Other Hours Available By Online Booking Appointment***