Our commitment

to the safety of our guests and employees

As with most of the world, we at Virtual Reality Arcade have been impacted by Coronavirus. We hold guest and employee safety in the highest regard, as a result we implemented stringent cleaning and interaction protocols to maximize safety for all in our arcade in March. We want to make it clear that not only are we maintaining our high standards of cleanliness, we are also improving on them with the guidance of the CDC.

Each day, our VR Ambassadors clean all touched surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant cleaner. This list of cleaned items includes:

  • Door handles (inside and outside)
  • Arcade cabinets
  • Change Machines
  • Air hockey table including the pucks and the pushers
  • All countertops, tables, and seating surfaces
  • All keyboards
  • All play area flooring
  • All VR equipment including Headsets, and Controllers
  • Restroom facilities

In addition to that initial cleaning each day, our VR Ambassadors will be disinfecting all high-touch surfaces hourly. This includes countertops, door handles, tables, seating surfaces, arcade cabinets, change machines, the air hockey table, and restroom facilities.

This is all in addition to our long-standing policy of conducting an in-depth cleaning of our VR equipment after each guest has completed their session.

To further reduce the risk of the spread of Coronavirus, we are limiting the number of guests inside at one time to 10. This limitation is per the CDC recommendations, and State of Minnesota requirements.

You may also notice our staff wearing protective gloves and facemask as per the CDC recommendations for slowing the spread of Coronavirus.

We are continually fine-tuning our process to ensure the highest standards of safety for all who game with us. We welcome any feedback, comments, or concerns.

We can be reached by:

Our initial Public Announcement regarding Coronavirus may be found by tapping or clicking this link