˜Public release March 13th 2020 18:48 – Facebook

VR Arcade Patrons,

We at Virtual Reality Arcade want to assure you that we take your health and the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously.

Our VR Ambassadors and arcade have enjoyed numerous positive reviews and comments regarding the outstanding cleanliness of our establishment. We take great pride in providing a clean and safe space for our guests to enjoy. During this time, we feel the need to tell you as our guests and neighbors; how we achieve this daily, and after every session.

We employ a regular disinfectant cycle using the appropriate product for the task at hand to maximize safety. Our VR equipment is sanitized at the start of each day and after each session by wiping them down with skin-safe disinfectant wipes. This includes the controllers and headsets. We also cleanse the play mats regularly with a highly effective and skin-safe disinfectant. All common use surfaces like our door handles inside and out, arcade games, keypads, and restrooms are disinfected daily.

We have asked ourselves what can we do better to continue providing our valued guests a safe place to game? The answer to that is two-fold: First, we are immediately increasing the frequency of our cleaning and sanitizing. Secondly, we want to be open with our practices in maintaining guest safety. Our VR Ambassadors will be disinfecting these surfaces that our guests utilize hourly. The only change that you may notice while gaming with us is the possibility of our Ambassadors wearing gloves.

We truly value the safety and wellbeing of our guests; we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

– You can reach us by email at Contact@VirtualRealityArcade.co
– By phone at (612) 800-7890
– Right here on FaceBook
– Or feel free to speak with our VR ambassadors in-store.

Thank you, and Game-on!

Kevin C. Badboy
Partner – Senior VR Ambassador

Richard Easton
Partner – Senior VR Ambassador