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How many people can play at the same time?2021-03-18T22:41:04-05:00

Great question! Each station allows for only one person to be inside the headset at a time. We allow up to 3 people to take turns and share their time per cage. For example, a 30 minute session with 3 players means that each player gets 10 minutes of play time if the time is split evenly.


That isn’t to say you can’t enjoy playing a game at the same time as your friends or family! When additional cages are reserved, we can link multiple stations together with a number of our multiplayer titles. 4 person zombie hunt anyone?

Can I have a party outside of regular business hours?2019-09-25T00:00:55-05:00

YES! Let our VR Ambassador know you’d like to have your party outside of normal business hours when you receive your confirmation contact!

Do you only have games?2019-07-24T00:08:08-05:00

Simply put, no.

We have breathtaking visual experiences, tours, roller coaster rides, and more, along with games.

If you’re not much into games, but have always wanted to see up close how a large star interacts with a black hole for example, we have an experience that accurately simulates just that. If you’ve spent time dreaming of ascending the rugged and magnificent ridges of Mount Everest, but for one reason or another haven’t had the opportunity, we have an experience for that as well.

Odds are, even if you’re not into video games, we have an experience that will exhilarate you.

What ages are allowed to play?2019-07-23T23:58:44-05:00

We like to say if you’re old enough to enjoy a new experience, you’re allowed to come enjoy the incredible virtual world!

Parent’s are usually the best judge for how well their child would enjoy the virtual reality experience, we generally recommend that a child wishing to play VR for the first time be able to read for the best experience, though that is not an absolute requirement.

And on the other end of the spectrum, we have had retirees enjoy a relaxing stroll along the trail to the peak of Mount Everest, take a guided tour of the International Space Station, or swim alongside a school of jellyfish.

Virtual Reality is without a doubt friendly to all ages, and with our vast lineup of games and experiences there is sure to be something that caters to everyone’s taste.

I’m looking to play a game you don’t have, can you get it?2019-07-23T23:47:52-05:00

Game developers are extremely busy people, and when they release a game, it is possible sometimes that they forget about issuing terms for arcade use. Virtual Reality Arcade pays very close attention to the games coming to market and we are quick to seek out new content for our guests. If there is a game you’d like to see in our lineup that we do not already have, feel free to let one of our VR Ambassador’s know.

Are the headsets clean?2019-07-23T23:42:28-05:00

Absolutely yes. Before opening the doors every day, and after every gamer has finished their session, our equipment is sanitized with antibacterial wipes. This ensures a safe experience for each and every person that comes in to enjoy a session.

Why can’t we wear shoes on the play mats?2019-09-24T23:53:08-05:00

Great question, and probably the single most asked question. First and foremost, safety, and in more than one way. First, your body is less attuned to it’s movement when you’re wearing shoes, so your movements may wind up being exaggerated resulting in you running off of the play area for example. Secondly, shoes generally grip far too well, and can very easily result in a loss of balance should they grab the play surface too well. Finally, sanitation, when out and about in the world, you never know what you may unintentionally step into, and it’s usually for the best that what is stepped in stays off of where some people may duck down onto.

We employ a regular cleaning and sanitizing process to ensure that you are as safe as possible to get immersed into the games you love.

Who do you guys cater to?2019-07-23T23:22:10-05:00

We cater to Walk-in players, players who have reserved a time slot through our website, and we have extended hours for events or parties being planned with us.
Our Walk-in players are welcome to stop in during our open hours to start a gaming session at their convenience. Players are also always welcome to reserve a specific time slot with us during normal business hours using the booking option on our website. Events and Parties are a unique experience we are always happy to host, even if they are to take place outside of normal business hours. Please check out our Events page to learn more.

What else do I need to know?2017-10-07T17:54:12-05:00

Remember to either bring or wear socks when you come to play. We require socks to be worn while playing, no shoes allowed in the cages.

Can I wear my glasses with the headsets?2017-07-03T19:08:45-05:00

Yes, the headsets are designed to fit over your glasses… at least most frame styles.

Is there an age limit to play?2017-10-07T18:01:14-05:00

No… but players should probably be able to read. Most of the games are suitable for players of any age, but we leave the final discretion to the parent to determine the level of play they are comfortable letting their children play. We do require a signed waiver to be on file for anyone to be able to play in our VR cages.  If you are under 18 years old, an adult must sign a waiver on your behalf. Players under 13 years old are not allowed to play in the VR cages without a parent being present at the arcade.

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