Thank you for choosing Virtual Reality Arcade for your next virtual endeavour. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our location, and the equipment we have to offer.

Virtual Reality Arcade strives to offer a great value and exceptional quality in our virtual reality experiences. While we want everyone who comes here to have an extraordinary time with us, we do want everyone to be safe, as such we do have some rules to abide by.

Click Here to review the usage rules at VR arcade.

If this is your first time stepping into virtual reality, we understand that it can seem a bit overwhelming. We want to make sure your experience with us, and with our virtual reality hardware is second to none; which is why we will shortly be producing a series of instructional videos for you to familiarize yourself with our location, with our equipment, and with our experiences.

Our Location
The Equipment


Virtual Reality Arcade is located at 23168 St Francis Blvd NW in Saint Francis MN. You can find us right next door to King’s County Market in the Saint Francis City Centre shopping center. Ample parking is available.

Hey! That’s us!


At VR Arcade, we have 4 virtual reality gaming stations which we lovingly call cages. Each station has a top tier PC powering the sophisticated HTC Vive VR headset. Each cage offers a large 12 foot by 12 foot play area, where you’re free to move around and immerse yourself in any of our 40+ games and experiences!

In addition to the VR cages, we have several classic arcade cabinets with favorites such as Cruisin’ World, and Big Buck Safari.


Are you more a “dip your toe in first” kind of person? Or are you the type that partakes in the polar bear plunge with a cannonball? In either situation, we’ve got something that is sure to be a favorite!

For those wanting to just go along for the ride, we’ve got something like a tour of the International Space Station, as guided by real astronauts aboard the ISS, or if you’d like to be your own tour guide, you can hop into Google Earth and tour the world with a birds eye view!

Craving something more intense? Pistol Whip may be more your style with its rhythmic fast pace, and challenging environment. Not many people end this game without a good sweat!

Not sure where you are on the spectrum? Have a look at our featured games section here, or ask a VR Ambassador for assistance at the arcade!